One O’clock

In this honest, heart-warming book, William Ingram shares a series of intimate moments that together sketch an illuminating portrait of a Balinese family. With wit and sensitivity, he relates captivating stories–from that of a special ceremony to stop a child’s mischievousness to a poignant love-match which almost splits the family. His narrative explores the web of relationships that ties the members of the family to one another, their community and their ancestors. At the same time he candidly discloses a personal cross-cultural journey. Some of our notions of Bali as a paradise are affirmed by Ingram’s tale. Others are dispelled only to reveal a resilient people who forgive life its tragedies and celebrate its gifts.”

Author William Ingram and his wife Jean have known the Balinese family of Rumah Roda since 1987 and portrayed them in the book A Little Bit One O’clock. William and Jean have lived in Bali full-time since 1993.

A Little Bit One O’clock is available through all good bookshops in Indonesia and through in the United States.

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