Rumah Roda family homestay & Restaurant is open everyday from morning to 10pm. We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. We offer fresh Balinese Traditional cooking, made from our family kitchen, with fresh vegetables and lots of love! Our specialty is offering traditional buffet we call Megibung! This unique Balinese banquet is offer every sunday at 7pm or the other day for minimum 5 people and please book 1 day before.

Rumah Roda family homestay & Restaurant make Balinese traditional food is not only delicious but also medicinal. The spices used in the cooking include candlenut, coriander, nutmeg, pepper, ginger, turmeric, lemongrass, tamarind and others. It takes a long time to prepare these traditional dishes and we are happy to offer you and your friends, which include around 12 dishes.


Jukut UrabBoiled vegetables mixed with sambal and grilled coconut grated
Jukut LodehSquash potato, carrot and eggplant cooked in coconut milk
Jukut PayaStirred bitter melon and scramble egg with onion, garlic, chili
Jukut BuncisStirred green bean with garlic and ginger
Tahu GorengFried tofu with garlic, ginger, palm sugar and chili
Tempe GorengFried tempeh with garlic, ginger, palm sugar and chili
Pepes PindangFish and spices finely chopped and cooked in banana leaf
Pepes TahuTofu and spices cooked in banana leaf
Gecok SiapGrill chicken with onion, garlic, ginger and grated coconut
Sate LilitChopped tuna on a stick with grilled grated coconut
Bergedel KentangFried potato with nutmeg sauce
Bergedel JagungSweet corn fritter
AcarPicked vegetables
SaurGrill grated coconut
NasiSteamed rice
Nasi KuningYellow rice (yellow comes from turmeric)

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